Monday, November 7, 2011

Into the scary unknown...

This weekend I finally took the plunge into something i've been avoiding since I started all this mini painting business.  I even went so far as to spend a buncha cash on resin bases so i wouldnt have to put up with it.  Well...I finally bit the bullet and tried a few of the hundreds of crap i've been wanting to try but been too hesitant too.  
I picked up some liquitex resin sand, which works amazingly well as a ground filler.  Yes, I know it's just clear paint and sand...but it works goddammit.  the rocks were carves from a dense type of carving block that I picked up at the art store.  It's very easy to carve, which makes it great for stylized rocks.  It's a bit brittle, but porous so you can cover it with glue to strengthen it up a bit and the glue will soak right in.  So far so good, although much too much time on this first one.  Tomorrow, i'll finish up the base, do some cleanup on Kromac  himself, and seal it up so I can add grass.

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