Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Trollblood Impaler & Axer

Finished shots of my Impaler & Axer. Something to note, I did assemble the Axer incorrectly (his torso needs to be rotated about 15 degrees for the buckle to appear to be holding up the whelp satchel), but I did not really notice till I was just about done painting him. :/ Someday I am sure I am going to want another axer, so I will do him right then!

I still have one other impaler to paint (from the TB battlebox), so hopefully I can outdo my old one and show signs of leveling up! But overall, I am happy with these two buggers.

One of these characters always makes an appearance on my table. For Kith and Kriel!

Kriel Stone Bearer Unit

My KSB Unit work in progress. Need to wrap up all the details (scrolls, pouches etc...), clean up the faces and base them. But they are close!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bloodtrackers! Ready for the table...

Finally!  Final touches on the spears tonight and finally ready for a coat of sealer means these girls are ready to go back in the bag.

Friday, November 11, 2011

My Dire Troll Mauler, an on-and-off relationship

Ah! My Dire Troll Mauler! He was the first mini I tried to paint. He was also the first mini I used to 'rush/charge' into my first Warmahordes game. I had no idea what I was doing, and he was pretty killed in one turn by a Circle Warpwolf (thanks Happened again, the next game I used him, this time against a Carnivean (thank Tim). I was starting to not like this model in the least bit. Granted, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing in-game yet. So I decided to break up with my DT Mauler for a while. It quickly became an unhealthy relationship.

Then onto the painting relationship I developed with this Dire Troll...

He was the first model I tried painting. I hated the work done on him on my first pass, so I begrudgingly 'green-bathed' him. I fixed up whatever crap was left over from his bath, and set him aside to work on something else. I placed him on a speaker, had some crazy bass pumpin' one night, and he danced a jig towards the edge of the speaker (unbeknownst to me)...then fell off, shattering back into blister pack format :/ . In the process, I ended up losing a tooth and had to re-order that part form PP. Pinning did not save his arms from flying off, I had to re-glue, re-green stuff and wait for my tooth to come in during the PP back-order frenzy. Finally, I pieced him back together, and after finishing up my Janissa Stonetide, I tackled the Mauler again and asked it back out on a make-up date. I was determined to make this work. I learned a ton by pushing through the problems of my love/hate relationship with this mini, and finally arrived at something I really liked.

Since he got his fresh coat, new tooth and basing...he has torn up the battlefield. All he wanted was to look good, before he started pounding minis with his big meaty fists. We now have a great relationship, we snack on Warjack wrecks in fields of grass, make Whelp pies for comfort food and rage out all the time.

Wow...this post is kinda sick. haha...enjoy!

Janissa Stonetide

Starting to post some of my painted figures. First off, my Janissa Stonetide. This is the first time I tried working on a cool base, and only my 3rd painted mini. I took rocks from my yard, fractured them to appear sharp and placed them around Janissa, as if she is summoning them up from the earth!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Into the scary unknown...

This weekend I finally took the plunge into something i've been avoiding since I started all this mini painting business.  I even went so far as to spend a buncha cash on resin bases so i wouldnt have to put up with it.  Well...I finally bit the bullet and tried a few of the hundreds of crap i've been wanting to try but been too hesitant too.  
I picked up some liquitex resin sand, which works amazingly well as a ground filler.  Yes, I know it's just clear paint and sand...but it works goddammit.  the rocks were carves from a dense type of carving block that I picked up at the art store.  It's very easy to carve, which makes it great for stylized rocks.  It's a bit brittle, but porous so you can cover it with glue to strengthen it up a bit and the glue will soak right in.  So far so good, although much too much time on this first one.  Tomorrow, i'll finish up the base, do some cleanup on Kromac  himself, and seal it up so I can add grass.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Old guy

...and here's a guy I started a while ago.  Slightly less unfinished than the rest of um.  I'd like to go back and wrap this guy soon.  

New guy

 Yet another guy to add the the queue.  this guy kept staring at me so I finally gave him what he wanted.  Been looking forward to painting the lord of the feast for a while now.  Fantastic model, and an awesome theme makes for lots of fun painting.  I got to figure out dead skin on this guy...a nice challenge.